The Shoot 360 Sports Franchise Formula

At Shoot 360, we coach for a living. We toss around phrases like, immersive training experience and in-person skill development, because it’s second nature for us to speak that kind of language. As you might expect, we aren’t only talking about the experience, coaching, or training on the court. We take the same innovative, strategic approach to our franchise program, to our franchisees, as we do our sports program and our athletes. Our franchisees expect the highest level of technology, skill, and commitment that can be found in a sports franchise. We deliver.

A Great Formula Begins with an EPIC Culture

As it is on the court, it shall be in our business. Shoot 360 was built on a core value system we refer to as E.P.I.C. It stands for Ethics, Performance, Innovation, and a Culture of Encouragement. Everything we do, for our athletes, our coaches, and our franchisees, revolves around these core values. We firmly, and unwaveringly believe in doing the right thing, doing our best, leading from the front, and caring about our people.

You may be wondering: How Much is Shoot 360?

A company’s core values, when firmly upheld, can be a key differentiator when prospects are considering multiple concepts. A steadfast core values system contributes directly to the overall success of a business, reflected in all departments including HR, marketing, operations and more.

Core values influence behavior and decision making, aid in recruitment and retention, and shape the entire culture of the brand and its people. For these reasons, our EPIC Culture is the foundation of our sports franchise formula, one we don’t ever compromise. You can count on it, and you can count on us.

Day One of Your Sports Franchise Opportunity with Shoot 360

The day you sign your Franchise Agreement with us is a BIG day. Signing day! We wouldn’t have awarded you a Shoot 360 franchise if we didn’t think you were worthy, so we’ve already been invested in our business relationship with you. But once you’ve made the team, that’s when the fun really begins. We are here when you need us now, every step of the way – from day one, and ongoing.

Our Shoot 360 franchise team has been launching new locations for a long time now and have it down to a science – like we do everything else. You have entered a sports franchise opportunity driven by science, data, technology, and human experience. Day one is literally just the beginning. We can’t wait to see the places you will go!

A Great Formula Needs a Space to Thrive

Using our state-of-the-art, proprietary site selection tools, you’re going to find an ideal space in your community to bring Shoot 360 to the masses. We will walk you through each step of buildout and design, to make the most of every inch of the space of your new location. There is nothing like seeing your facility come together, branded with all that Shoot 360 is, and all that you will make it for local athletes. Are you excited yet? We are!

Let’s Talk Training

A franchise concept is only as good as its system. The Shoot 360 strategically designed franchise model was created with you in mind: duplicability, ease of operations, hiring and team building processes, marketing resources, know-how to train your own staff, and so much more.

That’s why we have developed a robust training program for you to participate in before you open your business, during your Shoot 360 launch, and ongoing from there. We are committed to making sure every one of our franchise owners opens their business with confidence and instills that same energy in their staff.

Sports Franchise: Marketing and Digital Media

We understand what it’s like to introduce you and your business to your community, and then maintain your reputation as a reputable, established, outstanding brand. This is precisely why we provide support and resources to raise your brand profile in your local market.

Are You Ready to Take on a Sports Franchise Opportunity?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you understand the value of sports performance for individual athletes?
  • Are you ready to adopt the core values of a brand?
  • Are you willing to adapt to someone else’s original business idea?
  • Do you believe in the value of committing to a franchise system?
  • Do you have basic business management skills?
  • Do you get fired up about innovative technology?
  • Will you dedicate yourself to ongoing training to consistently improve and build your business?
  • Are you aware of government regulations specifically put in place to protect the franchisor and franchisee?
  • Can you see what all is possible for you and your professional future with an outstanding franchise opportunity?

Investing in a sports franchise for sale is an excellent way to go into business for yourself, but never feel unsupported. It’s the difference between being a free-agent and being part of a team. If you can see yourself in a stellar franchisee role in the sports training industry, then Shoot 360 may be one of those sports franchises for sale that you should explore. Our franchise formula is what winning teams are founded on. We hope you’ll explore what is possible with the Shoot 360 brand. 

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Become a franchise owner and bring the passion of basketball to your community.

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