Operating a Kids Sports Franchise: A Day in the Life

The promise of technology-centered sports  franchise training

As adults, if we take a moment to think about it, most of us can remember that one teacher, coach, counselor, or babysitter, who had a remarkable impact on our life as children or adolescents. To this day, you might remember a quote, or maybe you still train the same way, or are guided through life a little bit differently, for the better, because of this person and their positive influence.

Kids and teens are like sponges. They soak up what is given to them so much more quickly, so much easier than we do later in life. What a gift it would be – what a gift it is – to be able to make a positive difference for just one of them through a Kids Sports Franchise.

What If You Could Do That Again 100 Times Over? 1000 Times?

When you become the owner of a kids’ sports franchise, you get to provide many kids with the opportunity to be impacted by a coach, a mentor, even YOU. Year after year, fresh faces enter your business. Year after year, their lives are a little bit brighter, or more confident, or more organized, or more driven, or…or...or…partially because of you and your place of business, and the leaders you employ.

First, Let's Walk Through the Doors of Your Own Kids Sports Franchise

There isn’t another feeling like it. The first time you walk through the doors of your franchise, it’ll feel like it isn’t yours, but like you just got early bird passes to Disney World and you’re the only one there. After the hard work it took for you to become a children's sports franchise owner, expect to feel inspired every day that you walk through the door and switch on the lights. 

You’re going to fall in love with the smell of it, the colors on the wall, the noise it makes when everything is powered up, and what it feels like to stand behind the counter, or sit behind the desk, and say, “Whoa, this is mine. I did this.” It’s powerful.

What makes it more powerful is that after you walk through the doors, kids and families will follow. As an owner of a kids’ sports franchise, you are going to give the people in your community an opportunity to feel equally as good, as inspired, as positive.

You Are Going to Operate with Confidence

Youth Sports Business or franchise
The awesome thing about a franchise is at its very foundation it is based on a system. Investing in a duplicatable system of a recognized brand is the main principle behind owning a franchise. You get to be in business for yourself, but you are never by yourself. 

Owning a kids fitness franchise means having a blueprint to follow. The franchisors are available for every question, every concern. There isn’t a situation you’re facing that they haven’t faced and figured out. Just try and stump them! Franchise support will make the difference in your day-to-day operations.

A Day in the Life as an owner of a kids’ sports franchise will reflect your ability to follow a system and take guidance. You

Franchise Support is Your Super-Power

One of the things that sets kids sports franchise opportunities apart from the rest of the pack, is their ability to train their network well. With a concept like Shoot 360 sports franchise, franchisees are set up to win, to be a positive influence in their community, by way of initial and ongoing training, an in-depth operations manual and some stellar marketing techniques. Plus:

  • Proprietary training and competition software
  • Computer vision technology
  • Over 25 leading patents around tech-based basketball training, and so much more…

What Can I Expect as a Kids Sports Franchise Owner?

You can expect to share the joy, excitement, and determination of your members. You can expect to be blown away by the staff, coaches, and trainers you employ. 

You can expect to be a part of a network that meets periodically, receives refresher training, and has a BLAST operating their businesses. Most of all, you’re going to remember the faces that smile up at you, that leave everything on the court and still look to their coaches and say, “Thanks, coach.”

You’re going to feel motivated, and inspired, and confident about your ability to run the business. But mostly, you’re going to sleep well at night because you get to make a living empowering the youth in your community to be the best that they can be. Then you will wake up, and get to do it all over again

More Kids  Franchise Opportunities

If you are exploring kids fitness franchise opportunities, then look no further than Shoot 360. We’d love to talk with you about what’s possible with a Shoot 360 of your own.
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